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Red and White football scarf

Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Jakarta

8113 Ayo Macan Kemayoran

Adopted from Field of Anfield Road (LFC) Not the best quality, if you have a better version please submit it to us and we can replace it - still good though!

Chant of the Day March 26, 2015

“Indonesian Super league side Persija Jakarta's version of Fields of Athenry.”
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Song Lyrics

Ayo Macan Kemayoran,
Serang lawan semua musuhmu,
Kami bersamamu, kami mendukungmu,
Jangan ragu, majulah Persijaku!
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Bermain dengan bangga, penuh rasa percaya,
Demi lambang Monas di dada,
Jangan pernah mudah menyerah, kemenangan di depan mata,
Ayo Persija, bangkitlah dan juara!

Submitted by rafi.fauzan

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