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PSS Sleman Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

Football club playing in the Indonesia Soccer Championship B, Indonesia

677 Sleman Our Souls Are For You Our soul Playlist
681 I Love You Sleman You are the part of my life! Playlist
689 I Stand And Sing Nice tune Playlist
724 La La La La Enjoy bro Playlist
757 PSS Sleman Oh Mentioning players by name Playlist
759 Super Elja Oooh Passion Playlist
786 Super Elja (Clap) Super Elja fans clapping Playlist
849 The Big Story Sleman is on fire. Can you help with the English translation of the lyrics? Playlist
868 Come On PSS Sleman Win Sorry - no lyrics for this one, do you know them? If so please enter them in the comments box Playlist
940 Footsteps Massive support - the original PSS Sleman chant Playlist
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1024 Here's Noisy Singing All together now, old classic Playlist
1066 Super Elja I Wait I will always support you, faithful and always right... Playlist
1135 Super Elja Woaaah Playlist
1161 Slemania Action A Victory Chant for Sleman Playlist
1222 My Super Elja And be a Champion in the Indonesian League Playlist
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